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This is a family history site with my family surname Cannone-Jones. Behind these two surnames there are many significant surnames that represent my ancestry. This is an on-going project and each time that you return, more information will be available. Any additional information or corrections are welcome and any photos or documents that you would like to share can be attached to the ancestor. Comments and suggestions are also welcome. ENJOY.

I have been involved with genealogy for the last 4 years or so. My late Aunt Bunny (Jones side) was the pioneer or trail blazer relative to genealogy in my family, spanning 25 years or so. Most of my Aunt's efforts were by foot, traveling to many locations to gather information and gather to meet cousins. As a result of my Aunts relentless pursuit to understand her ancestry, this site is dedicated to my Aunt Bunny.

Ironically, my interest in understanding my ancestry was not due to Aunt Bunny, but due to my Dad (Cannone side) who gave me immigration documents from Nanni (Domenica Cicala/Cannone/Indelicato), my loving Italian grandmother. I have not looked back since.

While my 'Italian Side' ancestry here in America is short (3 generations), my Mom's (Jones) side ancestry here in America is long (13 generations). I would have never of guest in a million years as to this long ancestry.

After much genealogy research, it appears our ancestors came to America in what I call the 'three major waves' during the early Colonial period. I did this to simplify how the information is presented. However, in reality there was much overlap and complexity during the entire period. The first wave I will call the Pilgrams/Puritans/Separatists wave, the second wave being the Separatists/Baptist wave with Roger Williams and the third wave being the Quakers wave with William Penn.

Our first ancestor that I have documentation as landing on the shores of America is John Clarke. John is my 13th great grand father. John Clarke, born in England was the only person to land at both Jamestown, Virginia in 1608 (second supply) and Plymouth, Mass in 1620 (Mayflower) that I'm aware of. John Clarke was the Master Mate of the Mayflower. Clarks (Clarkes) Island in Plymouth Bay in named after him.

Some of the earliest ancestors to migrate from England to Mass during the first period include: Joyce Small - 1623, Plymouth, Mass; Thomas Clarke - 1623, William Clarke - 1630, Susanna Greenaway - 1630 John Benjamin - 1632, John Hakes - 1634, George Woodward - 1634, Samuel Ireland - 1635, William Arnold - 1635, Humphrey Atherton - 1635, Stuckely Westcott - 1636, James Boutwell - 1638.

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